Chiropractic Health Center Approach

    The human body is a complex organism controlled by the central nervous system. The central nervous system communicates vital information to every part of the body including organs and muscles. The nerves that supply this information exit from between each vertebra that make up the vertebral column.

    The Vertebral Subluxation Complex (misaligned vertebra) can create stress upon the nervous system. This can result in a variety of problems including symptoms of pain, dizziness, allergies, carpal tunnel syndrome, digestive problems, fatigue, headaches, numbness, muscle spasms and more.

    Our comprehensive approach at the Chiropractic Health Center of Sausalito is to conduct a complete and thorough orthopedic and neurological examination to determine the source of the problem and create a customized, holistic treatment plan to optimize your health.

    In addition, Dr. Dahl often incorporates customized nutritional programs as needed. Call Dr. Dahl’s office at (415) 331-8851 to set up an appointment today.

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